Frozen Custard

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Never mind religion and politics, when it comes to the big issues in Milwaukee, it is frozen custard that launches a truly lively debate. Ask any three Milwaukeeans which smooth, creamy stuff they prefer, and you’re likely to get three different answers. It is a place where the challenge of making the “best” custard is taken seriously. The only city where actual taste tests are sponsored to determine which frozen custard is tops, reminiscent of a county or state fair. The winning recipes are those which have been refined through years of practice. Milwaukee’s nostalgic "Happy Days" culture has thrived and prospered for over 70 years, while the rest of the country has essentially watched it vanish.


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Custard is not pudding, yogurt nor ice cream, which it resembles, but something like Heaven in your Mouth. Milwaukee Frozen Custard is the Real Stuff made from premium Wisconsin cream, into which is masterfully baked at least 1.4% egg yolk.


By using our special machines, we make it with far less added air, or overrun, than regular ice cream making it much denser. Because it is served before being refrozen, as regular ice cream is, it uniquely maintains a pleasingly soft but heavy consistency. We believe it is Better than Ice Cream. We think you will too.

History of Milwaukee Frozen Custard

A Real American Ice Cream Store

Copyright Milwaukee Custard, Inc.   2011

Copyright Milwaukee Custard, Inc.   2011